Your own content & information platform

Put your self on top of you own content & information platform

There are good tools out there and to start with it might be enough with a pen and a piece of paper or Libre Office for your cumputor.

But then again your goal is most likely to grow your business and to do that you need to create, publish and measure your content and information flow so it's working and doing the job you need it to do. It must attract your #1 customer segment in a way that is convenient and not pushy for them where they like to hang out. To do that a database platform provides tools and functions that can't be found else where.

This is why we built Celigi™, to make it possible for any business any size to build there own content & information platform. With Celigi™ it don't get complicated. Customize your business need in a online, taylored to your needs content & information platform, that can interact with other software or services through API has previously been both expensive and difficult. Celigi™ is a good match for small and medium size companies (Large enterprice as well). All of the Celigi™ apps are built to fit a workflow aiming to free time for content creation, curation with little or no time for complicated projects.

Where dou you communicate Brand message?

Brand message and brand strategy should remain consistent across platforms and base that on your own platform will give you a sollid ground where you set the rules.