Customer Connects Different This Days, You Don't.

Do you communicate, or do your customer find you and what is really the difference? Today, we do almost everything on the net. We equals over 3 billion people using internet and still growing. If you are in business this is why you should care about digital content management and creation.

The visitor or customer perspective

We are "seeking" for solutions to needs and problems that arise and how to solve them. This applies to both private and professionals. The companies you find on the net and believe to be credible are the companies you contact online or in there store and eventually get a quote from which then leads to them becoming your provider or if you are a supplier that you will be selected and will deliver your product / service. Another side of this is the companies that find a way to create something worth crave for and makes us coming back even though we are not going to buy anything at this moment. When we finally act, these companies are most likely to be the ones selected.

The supplier perspective

Did you know that you are being checked? Your future partners or customer are doing it. All this is going on before you even know you are being looked up, before you will be contacted or before you as a customer reaching out. It's a part of the experience driven journey that one could cal generous marketing. It's a mix of all methods availably and where you choose the ones that suit your businesses and you find useful and usable such as Content Marketing, Public Relations, Lead Generation and Brand Awareness etc. This is clearly something all businesses both large and small should be looking more into.

  • Do you know what makes new customer to you?
  • What makes visitors online/offline wanting to come back to you?
  • How visitors/customer find there way to you?

Kristina Halvorson, founder and president of Brain Traffic put it like this: “Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.”. It demands something from you and if you give it will probebly give back.

As they live and learn at the CMI, Content Marketing Institute, you will probebly be better of if built an audience allowing you or even better really waiting for your next post, movie, tweet, pod an so on. Can you manage to create useful and usable content over time it will most likely have a great part of how future customer comes to you. It's not easy but you have to find a way to define what you want, what you are good at, what to measure, make a promise, deliver and constantly improve.