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Brief about Celigi™


The cloud utility that help companies bring ideas to life.

Keep your information bucket full and reach your target audience without disrupting them. Give them what they want, whenever they want and where they want it.

Attracting visitors and keep them coming back because they like you is the foundation of a sustainable business model. It's not enough to create a one time super hit, you have have to find a way to easy your target audience day in some way.

Celigi™ is the cloud service where any size companies can handle information for its business, the customers and the brand. This type of services will give you a long-term stable platform delivering sales and brand awareness over time.

  • Plan marketing timelines
  • Organize content attribute and collections
  • Create and store content in the cloud
  • Prepare for print, app and web publishing
  • Integrate through reliable API's

Overview of Celigi™ Apps


Organize your publications and customize content structure to your publication.

Browse & Edit

Your Data Base Management Systme (DBMS), allows you to find (search), copy (edit), organize (categorize) and make your data searchable. Or CRUD (Create, read, update and delete) if you like.

File Browser

Manage files to its context through Browse & Edit and Publicator. Sort and organize files same way as a ordinary computer file browser.


Import your business data created outside Celigi. Importer help you do right the right way.


Plan your work through timelines and events, attach item through File Browser or Browse & Edit.


*** Not released *** Take care of your ideas when you get them so they will be an asset when you sit down and plan furture content.


*** Not released *** Distrubution of your public publications through a Bookshelf.


*** Not released *** Makes your information hub get and deliver quality content continuously over time where ever you like.

Price model

Pay as you go

Cost per account

Total / month SEK, approximately $ USD

SEK, approximately $ USD

(25% VAT will be added for Sweden)

Soon 10000+ happy customers